FAQs about attending services in church


Is there somewhere for me to park?

There is a public Car Park in Church Lane.

What will happen when I arrive at church on a Sunday?

When you come in through the main door, a Welcomer will greet you and give you anything you need for the service. There are usually quite a few people standing chatting near the main door, so we expect that quite a few people will say ‘Hello’ – but no-one will hassle you or invade your privacy or ask you too many questions!! You will be welcomed, but not swamped with people or be made to feel uncomfortable.

Where do I sit when I get into the church?

There are pews across three parts of the church – one in the middle and one in each of the two outside aisles. You can sit anywhere you want – there aren’t any reserved pews. However, due to Covid restrictions, only certain pews will be in use for that service. But don’t worry – a Welcomer will show you where you can sit. If you want to get a good view of all that’s happening during the service, you would be better off sitting in the middle part of the church.

Is there disabled access into the church?

Yes. There is a Ramp Entrance round to the left of the church, behind the bell tower. Either go directly there or go to the main door and ask someone to make sure that it is unlocked for you.

How early should I get to church before a service?

We start fairly promptly (8.00am and 9.00am), so you could get there about 10 minutes before the start of the service to make sure that you have found somewhere to sit and you are comfortable.

Welcome and Support:

How many people come to the services?

At the 8.00am service, we get between 25-40 people. At the 9.00am service, we get about 60 adults and 10 children. Numbers are a little lower at the moment because of Covid restrictions on how many are allowed in the building for worship at any one time.

What is the age range of people who attend?

Probably 60% of our church family is aged 35-55. 15% is aged under 12. 15% is aged 55-75. 5% are teenagers. 5% are 75+

How do you support those with Additional Needs?

We have an Additional Needs Advocate on our Leadership Team specifically to ensure that we do as much as we can to support those with Additional Needs. We also have a p/t Children and Families Worker who is highly skilled and proactive in supporting those with Additional Needs. We do ensure that Additional Needs members of our church family are as involved as they want to be – doing Bible readings etc. We work really hard in this aspect of family life. We still have a long way to go, of course, but it is a priority for us.

Is there a hearing loop?


Are there toilets in church?

Yes. There are two Access toilets in the church, both with baby-changing facilities.

How ethnically diverse is St. Andrew’s?

We are reasonably representative of the local community. As well as White British members of the church family, we comprise Afro-Caribbean, Malaysian, Asian, Turkish and Greek members too.

Are you welcoming to the LGBT+ community?

Absolutely! We are completely non-judgemental and, we hope, a very welcoming and open church family for everyone, regardless of sexual orientation.

Are both men and women in leadership?

Yes. We currently have a male Vicar, a female p/t Children and Families Worker, 2 female Wardens, 3 male Warden, and an equal mix of male and female volunteers.


Will I be asked to do anything during the service?

No. No-one will embarrass you in any way or ask you to do something! You will be invited, along with everyone else, to take Holy Communion. If you choose to do so, you will be directed how to do that. But you are just as welcome to remain in your pew and just enjoy a time of quiet and watch what is going on around you. Whatever you want to do to be comfortable is OK with us!

Do I have to give money to come to church?

No. You are under no obligation to give any money to the church. No financial collection is taken during the service. You can give by text or by using the Contactless Terminal at the back of the church if you want to – but this is entirely voluntary. The church does cost £150,000 per year to run – and we have to raise that entirely ourselves as a church family – so we are heavily reliant on local financial support! But there is no obligation for you to give…

Is there a dress code at church?

As long as you have clothes on, that’s OK with us! Whatever you feel comfortable wearing is fine with everyone. We are fairly casual as a church in terms of dress code, so please don’t feel that you have to wear your ‘Sunday best’.

How long do services last?

The 8.00am service lasts about 50mins (there are no hymns). The 9.00am service lasts about 60mins (there are hymns sung during this service).

What do you do during Sunday services?

The 8.00am service is a traditional service, pretty quiet, without hymns. It is read ‘straight from the book’, with two Bible readings, a sermon, and Holy Communion (wafers and wine). The 9.00am service is a little less formal. We have hymns, Bible readings, a sermon, prayers and Holy Communion (bread and wine – which children are welcome to receive).

What is the music like?

There is a bit of a mix of music at St. Andrew’s. We have an excellent organist and a choir, so we do draw on ‘traditional church music’ quite a lot, through hymns and anthems. However, we also have a contemporary music group that plays more modern hymns/songs on occasion.

Can I vape or smoke in church?

No. The church is a No-Smoking, No-Vaping environment.

Can I bring food or a drink into church?

If you want to bring a coffee in with you, then that is fine. However, we would probably discourage food (though not prohibit it) because it may be disconcerting to others.

I go to another church as well. Can I still participate at St. Andrew’s?

Yes. We have Anglicans, Methodists, Baptists, Roman Catholics and Greek Orthodox Christians regularly worshipping with us. You do not have to leave your other church to be a part of this church family. You are welcome to ‘dip in and dip out’ as best works for you.

What version of the Bible do you use?

Usually, we use the New Revised Standard Version. But we also use the Good News Bible sometimes too.


Children at church:

Are children welcome to all services?

Yes, children are welcome to all the Sunday services. However, the 8.00am service is a very quiet service and it is unlikely that your child would enjoy it very much! You are better off bringing your children to the 9.00am service.

What if my child is noisy?

Due to Covid restrictions, we do not currently provide any Children’s Work during the services. We have a Quiet Corner at the back of church with some books and soft toys, so you could take your child over there if you think they are being too noisy. But due to Covid restrictions, this is currently out of use.

Are there specific services for children?

We are hoping to reintroduce these in Autumn 2021 when Covid restrictions allow.

What do you offer for babies and toddlers?

Due to Covid restrictions, we are not able to offer any toddlers ministry.

What do you offer for children under 13?

Due to Covid restrictions, we are not able to offer any children’s ministry.

What do you offer for teenagers?

We have a Youth Group every Sunday during term-time. All volunteers are DBS checked. At the moment, this meets on Zoom. We also encourage teenagers to play an active role in Sunday worship through Bible Readings, Prayers etc.

Holy Communion:

Can visitors take Holy Communion?

Yes. Our policy is that anyone who is baptised can receive Holy Communion. You do not need to be Confirmed. We welcome everyone to receive, regardless of your denomination or church background.

Can children take Holy Communion?

Yes. All baptised children can receive either the bread and wine, or bread only. It is up to the parent/carer to make that decision.

I have a gluten allergy. Can I still receive Holy Communion?

Yes. We have gluten-free wafers. Please just ask for a gluten-free wafer when you come to receive.

I don’t drink alcohol. Can I still receive Holy Communion?

Normally, yes. But due to Covid restrictions, no-one other than the priest is receiving wine at the moment anyway! We will update this information when things change…

I can’t walk to the altar very easily. Can I still receive Holy Communion?

Yes. Let one of the Stewards know when they come to usher people up for Communion. Then, at the end, someone will come to you in your seat to give you bread and wine.

Social Media:

Do you have a Facebook Page?

Yes. We have a very active Facebook community – approximately 680 members – and there are posts daily. You can join the group here.

Are you on Twitter?

Yes. You can follow us here.

Do you Podcast?

Yes. We release podcasts about once per fortnight. We provide these in two language versions: English and Esperanto. They are available on this website, iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, Buzzsprout

Are you on You Tube?

We are! You can subscribe to our Channel by searching for ‘St. Andrew’s Church Enfield’. But click here to link directly.


Growing with God:

How do I join the church?

You don’t need to be a member of the church to participate and be part of the family. Everyone is welcome. However, we do have something called the Electoral Roll, which is a list of those who want to register with us that they are regular attenders and participants. Being on the Electoral Roll enables you to vote at the AGM and take on leadership positions in the church. So, when you have decided that St. Andrew’s is somewhere that you feel at home, please speak to the Vicar or a Church Warden about coming on the Electoral Roll.

How can I join a group?

There are so many different groups that meet at St. Andrew’s! The best thing to do is talk to Rev Dr Steve, or e-mail him, and he can put you in touch with the relevant person for a further conversation.

What denomination is St. Andrew’s?

We are Church of England, which is part of the worldwide Anglican Communion.

What spiritual growth opportunities are there for adults?

We have Bible Study Groups that meet, both face-to-face and also online. We have regular short courses throughout the year, which are advertised in advance. We also have plenty of opportunities to volunteer for ministry at the church. Again, speak to Rev Dr Steve for more information, or e-mail him.

Will the Vicar try to tell me what to think, or believe, or how to vote?

No! At St. Andrew’s, we recognize that everyone is on their own spiritual journey and needs to find their own way to God. The role of the Vicar is to help facilitate your journey by, hopefully, asking the right questions for you to think about. The Vicar will never tell you what to believe – and certainly won’t tell you how to vote!

Do you have other services during the week?

Yes, we have short services most days, except Saturdays. We have a Holy Communion Service in-building on a Wednesday at 12.00pm (other than when the Vicar is on holiday) and 16 online services per week. Check this website for more details.


Further contact:

Who do I contact if I want to know more in general?

Contact the Vicar, Rev Dr Steve, by e-mail and he can point you in the right direction. Alternatively, check out the ‘Contact us’ page on this website

Who do I contact if I want to know more about Families and Children?

Our Director of MABS Children Youth and Families Project is Jo Griffiths. You can contact her by e-mail.

Who do I contact if I want to know more about Youth?

Jo Griffiths is the contact for this too. You can contact her by e-mail.