Who the Trust Supports

The Enfield Church Trust for Girls provides support to benefit young women living, working and being educated within the Old Enfield Borough boundaries. (For the purposes of this Trust, ‘a young woman’ is normally defined as someone between the ages of 12-24).

The ancient Parish Boundary includes: Botany Bay, Brimsdown, Bulls Cross, Bush Hill Park, Clay Hill, Cockfosters, Enfield Chase, Enfield Highway, Enfield Lock, Enfield Town, Enfield Wash, Forty Hill, Freezywater, Gordon Hill, Green Street, Oakwood, Ponders End, and Turkey Street.

The boundary is marked on this map in red:

You can download the map here for a more detailed view.

The Charity accepts grant applications solely for the purpose of supporting education for young women.This can be support for a school, college or university course, including funding for uniforms and equipment. But it also includes support for other forms of education e.g. vocational activities, sports engagement, IT training, language courses, music lessons and so forth. Anything that is reasonably considered to fall under the category of ‘education’ will be considered.

There is no maximum amount that can be applied for. However, please bear in mind that the Trust has a limited amount of money for each financial year. Once that amount of money has been allocated, we are unable to give any further grants in that financial year. It may be that your grant will be rejected, even if it is a worthy application, because we have used our yearly funds. It may also be that we can pay only a partial amount that is being applied for, rather than the full amount.

Grants are made to promote the education, including social and physical training, and the advancement in life of young women attending schools or other places of education, or working in the area of benefit. The applicant does not need to be studying in the place of benefit (e.g. at a college or university here) but, in that instance, the applicant does need to be living in Enfield as their main residence or have their family home here.

In the allocation of grants, the trustees have regard to the principles and doctrines of the Church of England.

If you have any queries, please do email the Chair, Rev Dr Steve Griffiths, at steve.griffiths@london.anglican.org

If you wish to make an application, please go to the page ‘How to apply for a Grant’.