Pastoral Care

The parish has a population in excess of 15,000 and St. Andrew’s – as the parish church – has a pastoral responsibility towards everyone who lives within the parish boundaries.

There was a time – in the long-distant past – when it was expected that the Vicar should do all the visiting! In those simpler days, each parish had their own Vicar and there were far less demands on the time of the priest of the parish. Now, however, the ministry is far more complex than ever before (leading worship, training leaders, fundraising, chairing meetings, funerals, baptisms, weddings, school liaison, management tasks, administration, community liaison and so much more…). It is not possible in this day and age for the Vicar to take sole responsibility for pastoral care…

…nor is it desirable! The church is a community, a family: it is not one person in a dog-collar! Therefore, “a visit from St. Andrew’s” is as valid from a lay person as a member of the clergy. When we offer pastoral care, we are a family showing concern – and so it is right and proper for the whole family to play a part in this ministry.

General Pastoral Care

St. Andrew’s tries to offer pastoral care to all those in need. However, very often it is the case that we will recommend a referral if we do not think that we are best placed to guide you through your issue. We will always be here to walk with you – but practical engagement with your issue may be best undertaken by other, more skilled, professionals. If you have a pastoral issue, in the first instance you are welcome to email Rev Dr Steve Griffiths.

Counselling and Listening

There are many people in Enfield who are lonely or anxious and we always seek to provide comfort, counsel and a listening ear whenever we can. If we consider that an issue needs more professional help, we would be happy to help with the process of referral. If you would like to meet with someone for Counselling, or would like to have a conversation with someone about this, please email Rev Dr Steve he will either visit you himself or pass your details on to an appropriate visitor.


As a church, we believe that one of the greatest pastoral gifts we can offer is Prayer. We believe in a God who truly makes a difference in the world and in our lives; bringing healing and reconciliation. If you would like to be prayed for – or would like someone to pray with you – then please email Rev Dr Steve and he will make contact with you.

Deliverance Ministry

There are rare occasions when individuals need – or think they may need – deliverance ministry, either for themselves or for their homes. This is a very specialised ministry indeed and the Diocese of London has highly trained priests to undertake this ministry. If you have concerns that you feel might be addressed through Deliverance Ministry, please email Rev Dr Steve and he will have a conversation with you in complete confidence, working with you towards an appropriate course of action.

Getting involved…

If you want more information or would like to be involved in our Pastoral Care ministry, please email Rev Dr Steve. Please be aware that St. Andrew’s is committed to protecting the safety and well-being of vulnerable people and no-one will be able to engage in pastoral visiting without first having gone through a DBS check and appropriate training. In addition, all pastoral visitors minister in the name of St. Andrew’s, and so you will have to be a church member to be released into this ministry.