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What does church mean to you?

What do you look for when you are choosing to engage with a church? What has church meant to you throughout your life?

We value hearing about this type of thing so that we can celebrate with you – and also try to improve our offering here at St. Andrew’s so that we can increasingly become a church ‘useful’ for people.

If you want to share your story with us – or offer any thoughts about what we could do better – please drop us a line.

Some more useful socials…

As well as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube (links elsewhere on this site), here are 3 more socials that you might want to check out to see if St Andrew’s is the church for you, or to follow what’s happening here:

Our podcast is hugely popular across the world. The English episodes are downloaded mainly in the UK, the US, Australia and Western Europe. The Esperanto episodes are downloaded mainly in South America, Russia, Eastern Europe and Asia. Why not join the ever-growing worldwide community of followers in receiving weekly devotionals direct to your phone or tablet?


Short sermons and reflections. These come in 2 languages: English and Esperanto

Our Instagram account is used to share pics, videos, reflections and spiritual thoughts to give you some inspiration through your day. This platform is becoming increasingly popular for us at St. Andrew’s and we are excited to be developing this ministry over the coming months. Why not follow us on Insta and receive these regular uplifts in your own world? Sometimes, we need an encouragement to lift our spirits.


Pictures, videos, reflections, spiritual thoughts

Our Blog is our newest social, being launched in June 2021. It is called ‘Pensas’, which is the Esperanto word that means ‘thinking’. In the Blog, we will be exploring all sorts of issues to do with life, God and the Church. If you want to stretch your own thinking a bit, or just see things from a new perspective, then Pensas may be the social for you. Check back here for more details soon…


Reflections on life, God and the Church

Share St. Andrew’s with others

Do you know anyone else who may be interested in what God is doing through St. Andrew’s? If so, why not pass on our details to them so they can check us out too?

Something to think about…

What has God done in your life recently? What do you want to thank him for? What do you need him to do for you? It may be time to pray…

Our Address

The postal address for both Rev Dr Steve and the Parish Office is:

Enfield Vicarage, 36 Silver Street, Enfield, London, EN1 3EG, United Kingdom

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