Legal Policies

At St. Andrew’s, we take Legal Compliance very seriously indeed, believing it to be not only a legal necessity but also an expression of good pastoral care. We are constantly striving for better standards in this area of church life. You can read some of our Policy Statements here. If you believe any of them to be inadequate, or you have a question about them, please contact Rev Dr Steve on

1. You can read our Risk Assessment here. This covers the Church, Parish Centre, Car Park and Garden of Rest. It is regularly monitored and updated. The last update was October 2018.

2. You will fine our Lone Worker Policy here.

3. You will find our Safer Recruitment Policy here.

4. You will find our Safeguarding Policies here.

5. You will find our Sunday Club Consent Forms here.

6. You will find our 2022 Certificate of Compliance for Fire Equipment here.

7. You will find our 2021 Fire Risk Assessment here.

8. You will find our 2021 Church Electrical Certificate here.

9. You will find our 2021 Haven Electrical Certificate here.

10. You will find our 2022 PAT Testing Certificate here.

11. You will find our 2021 Insurance Policy for the Church and Haven here.

12. You will find our 2020 Insurance Policy for the Parish Centre here.

13. You will find our 2022 Gas Certificate for the Church here.

14. You will find our 2022 Lightning Conductor Certificate here.