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Burning questions..?

Do you have a burning question about God or the Christian faith?

Is there something about Church that you have always wanted to know?

Are you looking for some spiritual input into some aspect of your own life?

If so, then please feel free to drop us a line, and we will do what we can to help you.

3 ways to link with us online

You might want to spend some time checking us out online before deciding whether St. Andrew’s is the right church for you. If that is the case, here’s 3 things that may be useful:

Our Facebook Group is the heartbeat of our church. We have 16 services a week online, we have Daily Thoughts, InfoFilms, Latest News and much more. We have 670+ members of the FB Group – and more people are joiming as each week goes by. So if you want to get a real feel for us as a church, why not join the Group and see what goes on?


Services, Thoughts for the Day, Community Chat and more...

Most days we have updates on the Twitter Feed. These are usually random things that are going on in the life of the church that day, but also giving links to other stuff that’s happening both here at St. Andrew’s or in the wider world. If you want to go ‘behind the scenes’ of our church, then Twitter is quite a good way to do it. Have a look…


Random thoughts, links to online activity, stuff that's happening 'in the moment'...

A lot of the content that we use for our online ministry can be found on our YouTube channel. Rev Dr Steve’s online Reflections are posted there. Also, we have musicians who record worship songs and these are posted on YouTube too. There are prayers, meditations, creative arts and all sorts of other stuff too. Why not check it out?


Sermons, music, prayers, InfoFilms and more...

Can we pray for you?

If there is something that you would like us to pray for, then please do email Rev Dr Steve. He will ensure that either he or someone else is praying for you. Your prayer request will be kept entirely confidential, of course.

Stay anonymous

We know that some people want to follow us for a while before making any contact. That’s absolutely fine. Please know that we do pray for our anonymous followers on a regular basis. We don’t know who you are – but God does, and that’s what counts…

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